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American Association of Swine Veterinarians (AASV) Member Library Benefit

Effective 4.24.2019 all new registrations for MSL Affiliates for this group have been suspended.

All reference and literature searching has been suspended. 

For the near future we will continue to provide requested information from journals, proceedings and books to those registered prior to 4.23.2019.


Update: 3 June 2019

Thank you for your patience while we actively work toward a solution.

The Get It For Me article and chapter delivery service is operating for those registered prior to 4.23.2019.  Registration remains temporarily suspended for new registrants.

The literature search and reference services remain temporarily suspended.

Updates on these services for private practitioners will be announced as they are available.

MSL Literature Searching

  • Submit your search request via email to or phone to 979-845-7428.
  • MSL will conduct the search for you.
  • MSL will send the results, e.g., citations and abstracts, to you via email, generally within a couple business days.
  • Choose the citations for which you want to request the full article or book chapter.

Searching for Yourself

  • You may request items you have identified without MSL conducting the search for you. These could be recommendations from colleagues, Internet searches, etc…
  • If you want to search for yourself, MSL can provide advice about sources to search and search tips.

Pre-Built PubMed Searches by Journal - Swine

Clicking the journal title below will take you from this page to PubMed and launch a search for swine in that journal. By default the newest articles will display first. You can combine that with other PubMed searches.

The search for swine includes the animals that constitute the family Suidae including the general Babyrousa, Phacochoerus (wart hogs), and Sus. Sus includes Sus scrofa (domestic pig). The search includes pigs, gilts, piglets, warthogs, domestic pigs, wild boars, and miniature swine. This search excludes guinea pigs. To view the search string click on any of the searches below and look in the Search Details box.

Note: The Journal of Swine Health and Production is not indexed in PubMed.