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INST 362 English as a Second Language Methods I (Fall 2018)


This guide was created to help you find library resources for your research paper.  

Assignment #6:  Connecting Theory and Practice Research Paper

INST 362 is a writing intensive course, so you must participate in a peer-reviewed writing process assignment (prewriting, drafting, peer reviewing, revising, and publishing). 

You will write a research paper using a research question that you generate after reading through scholarly articles that address issues related to teaching English language learners.  You will also use your reflections from your experience in the field to support your research (the scholarly articles) and research question.

Your audience for this research and writing assignment is professional K-12 teachers who will benefit from reading this showcase of your understanding of the second language learning process and supporting ELLs.

Your final paper must use the APA format (APA Manual, 6th Edition).

You may use and cite course readings as an additional resource.

For details and deadlines for this assignment, please see your INST 362 syllabus.

Defining "Scholarly"

The Greenwood Dictionary of Education defines scholarly research as: 

The Systematic and objective search for evidence that will substantiate, verify, or refute previous findings, interpretations, or explanations within a specified academic discipline. Recognized by scholars by its particular emphasis on style, method, and purpose- as in historiography, or literary analysis.  Scholarly research is often referred to as a disciplined inquiry as opposed to subjective or impressionistic analyses and interpretations that do not reflect scholarly traditions.  (Collins and O'Brien, eds., 2003. 313)

In the databases you can look for the terms "peer reviewed" or "refereed" to determine if an article meets scholarly criteria in a given discipline.  Generally, this means that the researchers' study/publication has been vetted by a board of scholars/experts in the fields and they have deemed it good scholarship and worthy of publications.  Databases will identify journals that include peer reviewed articles.


Is it Scholarly?