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The Librarians in the Scholarly Communications Department of the Texas A&M Libraries have put together a topic guide on the use of Copyright, which provides guidance on the use of copyrighted materials in research, teaching, and publication, as well as managing your own rights as an author.


Bruce Neville, Biology LibrarianWelcome to library research in Biology.  This guide is intended to help you find library resources specifically aimed at research in the field.  I am Bruce Neville, the Biology Librarian.  Please don't hesitate to call on me for questions related to library resources on the subject.  See the Author Profile on the left for how to reach me.

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Finding articles in the journal literature requires the use of indexing and abstracting databases.  The databases listed here are good for general biological searching.  They are listed in increasing order of comprehensiveness.  For specialized topics or allied fields, see the alternate tabs.  The last tab lists some e-journal platforms with biological content.

Biology is blessed (or cursed) with a multitude of specialized databases.  Many of these are listed below.  Coverage is given in a note, if not obvious from the name.  For auxiliary fields, such as agriculture, chemistry, bioengineering, medicine, and so forth, see the "Auxiliary Fields" tab.

Listed here are databases for some auxiliary fields that biologists may deal with, such as agriculture, chemistry, engineering, geology, and medicine.  Notes on coverage are given, where that is not obvious from the title of the database.

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