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PSAA 633 - Philanthropy and Fundraising in Nonprofit Organization (Fall 2018)

Need to Know: Registering for the Guide Star Edu Program


Some Bush School classes and researchers participate in this program. Enrollment means enhanced ability to store and manage data with a download dashboard function.

If your class is approved for this program, please read these instructions completely before registering.

NOTE: The library has a premium subscription to the Guide Star database which can be accessed by going to the library web site and searching for it as a database .You will be able to access information from this database when you are no longer in this class as long as you are affiliated with TAMU.

For this class - rather than going to the library web page-- you will want to log in directly to GuideStar. The first time you go to this site you want to Register.  From that time on, you want to go to GuideStar and Login there (not on the library site).

*Be sure to use your email or your email- whichever was used for this class when you register*.  If you don't, GuideStar will not recognize you as being enrolled  in the EDU program. If you use an alternate email, it will let you register but you will NOT be able to save and download records. (If you do that accidentally try to register again using the email.)

You are enrolled in the EDU program based on your  enrollment in a  Nonprofit Management class.  This means you will be able to save and download up to 5000 records per month and create spreadsheets on a download dashboard which will save you a lot of work and allow you to do more interesting research.

How do you tell if you are in GuideStar EDU?  After you have registered, try a nonprofit search. Your results page should include a Premium Toolbox with four items- Download Queue, Saved Organizations, Saved Searches and Comparison Set. If it includes search results- but not all four components you are in GuideStar and can do searching but are not in GuideStar edu where you can save and download items to create spreadsheets. You can also look at the GuideStar Demonstration tab to learn more and see what the download dashboard looks like for the Edu program.

GuideStar Basics

GuideStar allows you to search for information on more than 1.8 million nonprofit organizations.

You can search by:

  • Organization name
  • Location down to zipcode level
  • Employer Identification Number (EIN)
  • Affiliation type
  • National headquarters
  • NTEE Code ( National Taxonomy of  Exempt Entities)
  • IRS subsection
  • Income
  • People search
  • Keyword

Data provided includes 990 forms and information reported by the nonprofit including general contact and organizational information, financials, annual reports, information on staff and board members, mission and impact statements and programs/results. Amount of information available varies by agency.