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Research Guides

FINC 645 International Finance

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Go to the "Data" tab at the top of the homepage. Choose 'Data Tool' from dropdown menu.
    • Under Step 1: Open the dropdown menu
    • Select "All Country Data"
  2. Under Step 2: Choose regions/countries...
    • Select the country, i.e. Germany
    • Click 'Add'
  3. Under Step 3: Choose series...
    • One variable of particular interest to you is likely exchange rate LCU:$ (end-period).  It can be found by expanding the "Fiscal and monetary indicators" main heading and then the "Exchange rate" subheading within the menu.  If trading partner is a non-U.S. country, see tab "Obtaining Historical Exchange Rates for Non-U.S. Trading Partners" (left).
    • Other variables of interest may be interest rates and yields, inflation, current account, etc.  Select your variables.
    • Click 'Add'
  4. Choose years
    • Select 'All years'
    • Click 'Add'
  5. View selection
    • Click 'View Data'
    • To export the data series:
      • Select frequency - Yearly, quarterly, or monthly (Note: not all data is reported quarterly or monthly)
      • Click 'Export'
      • Click Sort by: 'Geography'
      • Click 'Export'
      • Open or save the output in Excel