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Research Guides

FINC 645 International Finance

Step-by-Step Instructions (OANDA)

  1. Go to 
  2. Under 'Currency Converter' tab, click on 'Historical Rates'.
  3. Choose your two currencies ("Currency I Have:" and "Currency I Want:").
  4. Adjust your date range as desired.  Adjust Frequency and Price specifications, if necessary.
  5. Click the link to "download" (top right of chart).  Open your data in Excel.

Step-by-Step Instructions (Datastream)

  1. At the top of the homepage you should see a tab called "Resources."  Within the dropdown menu choose "Charting" and then "Datastream".
  2. Open a new chart.  To the bottom right of the form box next to Line 1 there is a blue arrow that should open a pop-up menu where you can choose "Find New Series".  Click here.
  3. One of the top tabs in the resulting pop up window is "Explore". Click here.  Choose "Exchange Rates" from the following list and then "National Exchange Rates".
  4. A list of countries from Argenina to Zimbabwe should appear.  Note they have different numbers of data series (the light grey #s in brackets).  Depending on the nation you chose for your home base there may be more or less data available for historical exchange rates...  Choose your country.
  5. The following results list will show you your options as regards the exchange rates between your home nation's currency and others'.  If you see the right series, click on the blue text in the 'Symbol' column (it should be a string of letters and potentially numbers).  This will automatically fill in your chart.
  6. Fix the Date Range (bottom left) to reflect the desired time period (-5Y being the past five years etc.)
  7. To export the data as a chart, click on one of the two icons with the Excel symbol. (They are towards the top right in the same menu bar with all the other small picture icons.  One has an arrow pointing down, the other has an arrow pointing horizontally to indicate that you can download your data with these different orientations into Excel.)  Change any specifications as you like in the pop-up box that appears and click "OK".