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POLS 681 - Library Orientation for POLS Instructors (Spring 2018)

Putting Readings on Electronic Reserves at PSEL

To put readings on electronic reserve at PSEL, instructors in the Bush School or the Departments of Political Science, Economics, International Affairs or Public Service and Administration can simply send an email request to our Reserves Coordinator, Megan Hirschman ( or to the PSEL desk (

They can login to electronic reserves to see their current and previous course readings:

If you create a course yourself or add items through the website, the system does not automatically assign the Registrar Code for the course and courses without Registrar Codes are not visible to students.  It also does not automatically notify PSEL staff, so please let Megan know if you create a course so she can add the Registrar Code.  You can also ask anyone at PSEL to create the class for you.

Print Reserves & Textbooks at PSEL

The Policy Sciences & Economics Library makes an effort to put textbooks used in the departments it serves on reserve.  This may occur by request from the instructor, working from the syllabus or through other efforts.  We do not always receive a textbook list from the departments, so if you want your books on reserve, please notify us.

This allows students access to the textbook for a limited time (4 hours and to be returned to PSEL during its hours of operation) and students are allowed to take it out of the library.

The Libraries have some textbooks but we do not have copies of all textbooks used at A&M.  We make limited purchases of textbooks and place them on Course Reserve so all students in the class will have access to the books. Sometimes textbooks may also be found in our general collection.

Search for textbooks in our online catalogs:

You may also request to borrow the textbook from another library using the Get It For Me service.

Streaming Media

Instructors can also request to have videos owned by the Texas A&M University Libraries on the streaming service called MediaMatrix.  For instructors in Departments served by PSEL, they can either make a request online at or they can send an email to our Reserves Coordinator, Megan Hirschman ( or to the PSEL desk (

Copyright for Reserves

The Libraries have developed a copyright policy for reserves, consistent with educational fair use, that takes 2 factors into account for making course readings available electronically:

  1. Is the material pedagogically necessary?  So, is it a required reading or absolutely necessary to the class?
  2. Is the use transformative?  In other words, is the use of the publication different from what it was intended for or why it was published.  The purpose of a textbook of a documentary video is educational so using it in a class is NOT transformational; however, if the intent of a publication is not educational and it is used as a class reading, then it may be transformational.  For example, a practical guide is intended for practitioners, a newspaper article is aimed at a general readership to keep them up with current events and even a scholarly article is largely intended for scholars and researchers to further communicate and further knowledge in their field.
The first time an instructor uses course reserves (or makes a request) in a year, they will be asked to review the guidelines: and to certify within the reserves system at that have have read and understand the guidelines.