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Research Guides

Health & Kinesiology

Search Tips

Using Boolean Operators

Use AND to connect keywords and refine your search (retrieves sources with both terms)

Use OR to connect keywords and broaden your search (retrieves sources with either term)

Use NOT to exclude a word e.g., Omega-3 fatty acids NOT Fish oils

Use quotation marks to retrieve sources with a phrase in the exact order typed e.g., "Community health"

Research Databases

The following databases are recommended for research on health and kinesiology topics.  Keep in mind, no single database includes all journal articles, reports, conference proceedings, book chapters, etc. Depending on your topic, you may need to use several databases to locate the information you need.

  • If you are accessing databases from off-campus you will be required to authenticate with your NetID and password.  
  • When the full text of an article is not linked directly from the database (PDF or HTML link) click on the "Find Text @ TAMU" button for links to the full text. 

Recommended Databases