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RefWorks Team @Texas A&M University Libraries

RefWorks Technical Support

The Technical Services team is available Monday-Friday, 6 AM Pacific Time until 5 PM Pacific Time.  


RefWorks is a Web-based citation tool.  It generates citations and bibliographies, and stores PDFs.  Your status as a Texas A&M student allows you to register for a free RefWorks account. 

Quick Tips

ProQuest recently acquired RefWorks and developed a new version.  If you would like to use the new version, use the link above to register for a an account on the new platform.  You can continue to use your original RefWorks account, now known as RefWorks Legacy, but it lacks some functionality of the new version.  

  • You must install the Write-N-Cite utility to integrate your RefWorks account with your word processing program (e.g., Word, Apple Pages, and Google Docs)
    • The download is located under Tools in your RefWorks account
  • Install the RefGrab-It utility if you would like to capture citations from web pages
    • The download is located under Tools in your RefWorks account 
  • If data seems to be missing from your RefWorks account when using Write-N-Cite, request that Write-N-Cite sync with your RefWorks account by using the Sync My Database feature
    • The Sync My Database feature is located under the RefWorks tab within your word processing program 
  • RefWorks fails to capitalize proper nouns.  Correct capitalization mistakes when you have finished writing your paper, as corrections to references in your bibliography will be overwritten each time you add or change citations in the body of your paper.