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INTA 657 - Terrorism in Today's World (Spring 2019)

Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant has a multitude of alternate names and acronyms: ISIL, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria or Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham, and ISIS.  These are just how it is referred to in English.  In searching for information, keep these variations in mind.  For instance, the US Government very consistently refers to the group as ISIL so searching on the other terms may not bring up many government documents.


Backgrounder on Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (CFR)

The Islamic State: Origins, Goals, and Future Implications (Eurasia Center)

What ISIS Really Wants (Atlantic)

ISIS: Its Strength, Disposition (Military Periscope)

Social Media Strategy: ISIS has a special arm that handles their marketing called Al Hayat (looking for analysis specifically on them may be productive)

ISIS Twitter Census (Brookings) - March 2015

Social Media's Appeal to Terrorists (SITE Intelligence)

ISIS gains followers through sophisticated social media strategy (TechGen Magazine)

Al-Qaida and ISIS Use Twitter Differently. Here's How and Why (National Journal)

New Terrorism and New Media (Wilson Center)

Follow ISIS on Twitter: A Special Report on the Use of Social Media by Jihadists (SITE Intelligence)

The duality and mission of ISIS on social media (PBS)

ISIS Has a Really Slick and Sophisticated Media Department (VICE News)

Recruitment and Returning Fighters

Foreign Fighters in Syria (TSG)

Where the Foreign Fighters in Iraq and Syria Are Coming From (NYT)

Foreign Fighters in Iraq and Syria [Map] (Radio Free Europe)

Who inspires the Syrian foreign fighters? (ICSR)

Iraq and Syria: Who are the foreign fighters?  (BBC) - note references to incubator countries

Jihadists Bring The Fight Back To Europe (Military Periscope)

Who Are They and Why Do They Go? The Radicalization and Preparatory Processes of Dutch Jihadist Foreign Fighters

Let us come home, say young British jihadists (Times of London)

They're Coming: Measuring the Threat from Returning Jihadists (Foreign Affairs)


Islamic State Weapons in Iraq and Syria (Global Armament Research)

Islamic State's Armaments (Military Edge)

Isis Terrorist group in Iraq: Captured weapons increase clout of jihadists (National Turk)


ISIS Incidents (Global Terrorism Database)

The Rise of ISIS Reveals the Middle East’s Shifting Alliances

IRAQ Sit Reps (ISW)

Will it Work? Examining the Coalition’s Iraq and Syria Strategy (Brookings)

New Terrorist First Team: ISIS Opponent, Supporters Jockey for Position (Military Periscope)

Why has the Iraqi army struggled to counter ISIL advance? (Janes)

Defeating ISIS: Strategy and Implementation (Washington Institute)

The “Islamic State” Crisis and U.S. Policy (CRS)

Who's doing what in the coalition battle against ISIS (CNN, 2015)

The Real Center of Gravity in the War Against the Islamic State (CSIS)