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PSAA 643 - Foundations of the Nonprofit Sector (Fall 2018)

Need to Know: Using NCCS Data

NCCS is a repository of data on the nonprofit sector in the US. It is a project of the Center for Nonprofits and Philanthropy of the Urban Institute which is a nonpartisan research institute. Much of the data can be accessed free of charge.

Organization data includes:  

  • Name
  • EIN
  • Address
  • Ruling Date
  • IRS Type
  • Legal basis for public charity or private foundation status
  • Total Revenue
  • Total Assets
  • Links to 99/990 EZs or 990-PFs

To access go to 

If you go to Data you will find  a custom table wizard that will allow you to create national and state level reports on nonprofits and charitable activities in the U.S. You can also analyze data by state, county, zip , or MSA.

You can find an overview of NCCS Web Tools at where you will find a description of tables that can be created, information on legal forms of charities and nonprofits, ways to search for specific organizations and advanced tools to access data.

The NCCS Data Archive section requires registration but will allow you to create more individualized tables and reports. ( For much of the data there is no charge but at some point a fee may be required ) 

The NCCS site has a newly implemented Community Inventory Feature where participating communities provide data on needs assessments and activities which are then are linked to google neighborhood maps. College Station is a participant.

For help using this contact Wendi Kaspar at