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Research Guides

ACCT 408 - Student Affairs Research Resources (Spring 2018)

Key Databases

Useful Search Terms

Student Organizations
Related terms:
Student Government,Student Unions Extracurricular Activities, Fraternities, Sororities, Student Participation, Student Volunteers

Student Affairs Services
Related terms:
Student Personnel Services, Academic Support Services, Counseling Services, Guidance Programs, Counseling, Health Services, School Orientation, School Psychology, Student Employment, student Financial Aid, Student Personnel Workers, student Placement, student Welfare

Academic Support Services
Related Terms:
At Risk Students, Developmental Studies Programs, Educational Strategies, Help Seeking, Homework,Low Achievement, Remedial Programs, Student Needs,Student Personnel Services,  Study Centers, Study Skills, Supplementary Education, Transitional Programs, Tutoring, Academic Support Programs, Instructional Support

Best Practices
Related terms:
Career Development, Student Organizations, Communities of Practice, Best Practices, Barriers, Performance Factors, Change Strategies, Organizational Change, Group Dynamics, Group Activities, Cultural Relevance, Higher Education

Related terms:
Learner Engagement, Learning Motivation, School Organization, Educational Change, Classroom Environment, Motivation Techniques, Student Motivation, Best Practices, Effective Schools Research, Achievement Need, Intervention, Teacher Role, Educational Environment, Institutional Characteristics, Aptitude Treatment Interaction, Change Strategies, Educational Policy

Related terms:
Student Organizations, Student Leadership, Leadership Role, Leadership Qualities, Undergraduate Students, Leadership Training, Student Surveys, Measures (Individuals), Leadership Effectiveness, Leadership Responsibility, Leadership Styles, Higher Education, Postsecondary Education
Educational Opportunities, Leadership Effectiveness, Teaching Methods, Leadership, Student Development, Leadership Training, Student Organizations, Educational Environment, Theory Practice Relationship, College Students, Teacher Role, Models, Supervision, Higher Education, Postsecondary Education

Related terms:   
College Students, Sororities, Group Membership, Risk, Violence, Sexual Abuse, Social Environment, Drinking, Alcohol Abuse, Alcohol Education, Age Groups, Student Responsibility, Higher Education