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Research Guides

FILM/WGST 343.500 Sex, Gender, Cinema-Prof. Dan Humphrey (Fall 2016)


Cushing Collections

Inventoried and/or Processed Collections with Finding Guides

Don Kelly Research Collection on Gay History and Culture-a 12000+ collection of books, serials, manuscripts, and posters that document the LGBTQ community nationally and internationally. The collection is housed in Cushing Memorial Library & Archives, but you can access the Kelly collection via, an open source website.

The Yolanda Broyles-Gonzalez and Francisco González Archive, 1958-2007-A rich borderlands Mexican-American collection with a focus on performance arts, theater, German literature, Chicano films, and music.
Box 53: YBG Academic, 1970-1996 → Folder 1: Chicano Film Festivals: An Examination (in press), 1970s- 1983
Box 67: Chicano Theater, 1967-1986 → Folder 7: Zoot Suit (Film): West Coast, 1979-1981
Box 116: Media: Video Tapes → Item 3: Rosa Martha Zarate Macias: The Pursuit of Happiness. 1993.

Media Fanzine Collection-fan-produced publications that document fan groups for movies, televisions, and science fiction and fantasy.

Unprocessed or only inventories available

Harriette Andreadis Women's Studies Research Collection and Personal Archive-TAMU retired Professor and founder of Women's Studies-papers include her research, the early history of Women's and Gender Studies, and extensive book collection.

Antonio La Pastina and Dale Rice Collection-TAMU Professor in Communications-collection includes books, serials, postcards, media and other Ephemera related to LGBTQ communities both nationally and internationally.