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Research Guides

PHIL 353/AFST353: Radical Black Philosophies of Race and Racism (Fall 2018)


The resources listed herein are merely starting points. The library can provide many more resources specific to a particular topic. Some of the sources below are library databases accessible from the Libraries’ homepage. Please feel free to contact Rebecca Hankins if you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation.

Peer Review Assistance

What is a scholarly article?

Scholarly articles are those articles published in scholarly journals, covering the academic and scientific research.  Scholarly journals are often referred to as Refereed or Peer Reviewed.

How do I search for and find scholarly articles?

Search for scholarly articles using library search engines (also called databases).  In the databases, look for links to limit by Academic Sources or Peer Review Sources. See the box above for database suggestions.

How can I tell if an article is scholarly?

  • In general, scholarly articles:
    • Are written for an academic audience
    • Contain a credible list of citations/references
    • Include in-text citations
    • Often contain an abstract, literature review, methodology, results, or discussion.

How can I be absolutely sure my journal article is scholarly?

  1. Go to a website called Ulrich's Periodical Directory
  2. Type in the Title of the journal in the upper right search box
  3. When you find the link to the journal, click on it
  4. Look for the Document Type to say "Journal; Academic/Scholarly"

Top Resources

Citation Styles

What are citations styles?

A citation style is a strict method of ordering, formatting, and punctuating citation information.  Generally, specific citation styles are selected and based on the different information needs of a particular discipline and the different resources that discipline typically uses.  In some cases, tradition and longevity of style use can also play a factor in the citation style preference of a discipline.

How do you get information about applying citation styles?

To assist with citation styles and their strict requirements for accuracy, citation style guides are an excellent resource for general instructions and examples. 

Citation Tools

What tools are available?

There are several citation tools available to assist you with the organization, management, and format of your citations.  Some of the more popular ones include RefWorks, EndNote, Mendeley, BibMe, and Zotero.  The library offers training and assistance with RefWorks and EndNote.

How you can access citation tools.

The citation tools supported by the library through instruction can be found and accessed using the customized library guides.  the guides are located at:

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