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Tips for Visiting our TAMU Libraries

Spending 2 – 3 hours doing research in our libraries may seem like a long time. However, with so much to cover, time will pass faster than you expect. If you follow these suggestions before the day you actually arrive in our library, you’ll be able to make the most of your library research time.

During Your Library Visit – Remember to bring:

  • USB Flash Drive

  • Pen and paper

  • Optional - Driver’s license or other government issued Photo ID if you have one

  • Select a topic


Things you can do before your class visits our library

If you want to get “ahead of the class”, you can also do the following.

  • Identify Keywords (optional)
  • "Pre-Search" and Read Background Information (optional):
  • Search our TAMU Library Catalog, LibCat (optional)
If you already have a list of keywords to use in searching our databases, you’ll be able to jump right into more targeted searching. The “Generate Keywords” tab on the “School Sponsored Groups” web page has worksheets which you can use to develop a topic and generate keywords.
Use credible internet sources such as Google Scholar, and other reference resources available in your school or local library (e.g. databases, encyclopedias, books.)
We will cover LibCat searching during your class visit to our library. However, anyone can search our library catalog from any computer at any time. This means you can get a head start if you want. The “Find Books” tab under Student Resources has search hints and a video tutorial.