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Policy for ordering standards

This policy is for standards ordered from the SAI Global Standards database.


Standards requests will be filled if:
  • The requestor is affiliated with TAMU College Station, Galveston, or Qatar. 
  • The standard is required for instruction or research (unfunded research). 
  • In the case where the standard is required for a course, the print version of the standard will be ordered and placed in Course Reserves.
  • If a requested standard has a wide appeal, the standard will be added to the library collection. The requestor will be able to check out the standard after it has been cataloged.
  • In the case where the standard(s) is needed for research, the TAMU/TAMUG/TAMUQ professor, researcher, or graduate student must request the standard.  External co-researchers' requests will not be filled.

Additional Information: 

  • In order to ensure that the standards funds are distributed fairly, orders per person, class or lab are limited to $1000/year. 
  • Only one copy of a standard will be ordered per person, class, or lab. 
  • Professors and researchers are expected to use their grant money to pay for their standards before they request standards from the TAMU Libraries. 
  • Undergraduate requests will be handled on a case-by-case basis.  Requests to support senior projects will generally be approved. 
  • Whenever possible, electronic versions of standards will be ordered vs. print
  • In general, orders for draft, canceled, and superseded standards will not be filled.  The requestor will be contacted to verify the order. 

Placing an order

  • Log into SAI
  • Search for the standard
  • On the Document page of the standard, look for the Pricings area on the lower right corner
  • Select the button for the pdf version of the document
  • Lastly, click on the Order button

To confirm that you submitted the order, click on the Orders link on the left side. You will see what you have ordered. The purple flag means that you have submitted a request.

Your order will be reviewed and the Library will contact you if there are questions on the order.

Register for a SAI account

To search and place a request for a standard go to SAI Global Standards.

Register for a SAI account:

  • Look for the Register link on the left-hand side
  • Select Private Computer, it will keep track of the IP address, and then select the Register button
  • On the next page, enter a domain account and create a password (case sensitive)
  • On the following page you will fill in the details of your account
  • Afterwards, you will be directed to your email account to activate your account
  • Confirm sign in registration and select the Sign-in button
  • Every time you access your account from a different IP address, SAI will ask you to validate your location via an email.