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Language Resources

Standard dictionaries of the contemporary and historical French language are below. Both multi-volume sets are at TAMU Libraries:

  • Grand dictionnaire encyclopédique Larousse, 10 v. (Paris: Libr. Larousse, 1982). Reference collection AE25.G63

  • Edmond Huguet, Dictionnaire de la langue française du seizième siècle (Dictionary of the Sixteenth-Century French Language) (Genève: Slatkine, 1989). PC2620.H83

Edward M. Stack, Reading French in the Arts and Sciences, 4th ed. (Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1987). PC2129.E5S73


  • Acapela Text-to-Speech reads—in the voice of a native speaker—any French text entered, and it offers the user a choice of four such voices (three female and one male). Amazing! (Native voices are also available here for many other languages from around the world).



Tex’s French Grammar

  • From the University of Texas (Austin), Tex's French Grammar includes iTunes podcasts of chapter contents. Also includes “Francais Interactif” for vocabulary building by common conversational situations, such as “La maison” (Home), with audio and video clips.

  • A “Pictorial Vocabulary Guide” tab groups common words by subject category and plays an audio clip of each word whenever the user points to its pictorial representation. A “Grammar” tab offers a textbook-style treatment of common grammatical categories, while “Readings” is another collection of text-and-sound, including six “Beginning Readings” and four “Advanced Readings.”

French Grammar Central

  • A collection of “nearly 580 links” to Web-based resources, alphabetized by grammatical topics.
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