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Research Guides

ENGR 111 & 112 Foundations of Engineering I & II (Summer 2018)


The tutorials on this page will introduce you to:

  • Your librarian and other research and class guides
  • Types of sources important to engineers
    • Handbooks & other reference books
    • Standards
    • Research literature - journal articles & conference papers
  • Searching LibCat to find books on a topic, or a particular type of book, such as a handbook
  • The TAMU Libraries' engineering e-book collections
  • Citation styles for engineering - why and how to cite
  • For more information on these and other topics, contact your librarian.


Engineers use various types of information when designing devices, processes and systems.

The type of information needed often dictates the source and strategy needed to locate it.

This guide will introduce you to types of resources and useful strategies.

Introduction to Engineering Research - Video Tutorials

Click on the images below to view the tutorials.

Tutorial 1

Tutorial 1: Engineering Librarians and Research Guides

Tutorial 2

Tutorial 2: Information Sources Used by Engineers

Tutorial 3

Tutorial 3: Using LibCat to Find Engineering Resources

Tutorial 4

Tutorial 4: Navigating the Engineering eBook Collections

Tutorial 5

Tutorial 5: The Why, What, and How of Citing Sources


Library Research is part of the Engineering Design Process

Diagram - Engineering Design Process - research is required throughout this process

Diagram of the Engineering Research Process

Diagram adapted from: Teach Engineering (n.d.). Engineering design process. Retrieved from