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ENGR 482: Ethics and Engineering - summer 2018

Welcome to the class guide for ENGR 482: Ethics and Engineering

Howdy! The purpose of this guide is to help you find reliable and authoritative resources for your papers and essays, and to help you cite them properly. If you have any questions, please contact me Jane Stephens, Science & Engineering Librarian.

NOTE: each engineering department has a librarian assigned to it. To find the librarian for your engineering department, go to: Find My Librarian.


Scholarly Publications: Find Journal Articles & Conference Papers

Use these databases to find articles and conference papers. Use the "Find Text@TAMU" button to find the actual article or paper, if it is not associated with the citation.

When you have to find the most recent developments on a topic (information not yet published in books), you will have to search the recent journal and conference paper literature

In engineering, research tends to be conducted by engineers and scientists who are affiliated with academic institutions such as Texas A&M, with companies, and with government agencies. Researchers often share the results of their research at conferences or publish it in scholarly journals where the research is reviewed by other experts in the field - the term "peer-reviewed" is often used.

Practicing engineers rely heavily on this type of information to stay current in their field and to ensure reliable, evidence-based designs. The University Libraries has many databases to help you search and locate relevant journal articles and conference papers. Your librarian can help you find this type of information.

These  organizations sponsor conferences and publish journals. The TAMU Libraries' provides access to most of the content in these databases - meaning that you can download the article or paper. Be aware that these articles and papers are also listed in the citation databases, such as COMPENDEX. The advantage to searching a database such as Compendex is that you can search across many organization publications and publishers' content simultaneously.

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Find Case Studies

5 Minute Video Tutorials

These video tutorials were created by the engineering librarians and the FYE librarian, Texas A&M University, University Libraries.