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GIS Data Sources

In addition to the links below, Maps & GIS maintains an extensive local GIS data collection of College Station, Bryan, and Brazos County. Please use our Data Request Form to request local datasets.

Austin GIS OpenData

Geodatabases, shapefiles, and Google KMZ files of airports, bridges, streets, city limits, contours, county boundaries, flood zone, Envision Central Texas (ECT) Model, Hydrography, Land Fragmentation Analysis, Landfills, Orthos (1997-2008), Parcels (2005, 2008), topos, vegetation, soils, and more.
Aerials (1962-2008), address points, utilities, topography, land use, zoning, environmental, transportation, base maps, and regional data.
Map viewer of the city’s GIS data and associated database information. 

Parcel information and links to parcel appraisal account information.
Parcel, contours, transportation, boundaries, floodplain, aerials from 2011-2017, and other useful layers.
GIS coordinator for 16-counties of North Central Texas, centered around the two urban centers of Dallas and Fort Worth. Geographic data for the NCTCOG region, as well aerial photography and digital elevation contours available for purchase by its members at a much-reduced cost.
Shapefiles and maps of parcels; county, city, and school district boundaries; hydrography and more.


Houston GIS OpenData

Over 300 data layers. Portions of GIMS data is available only to City of Houston agencies, however some are accessible to the public. ROW and bikeways data are available only to view, but not for download. 
Clearinghouse for municipal GIS datasets for the City of Houston. Contains a link to Houston GIS OpenData and more. Datasets include: administrative boundaries, locations, routes, pavement, right-of-way, subdivision, and Lambert Facet Page--grids commonly used by Harris County Appraisal District and City of Houston Department of Public Works and Engineering.
Appraisal, city, college, county, emergency, fire, highway, school polygons, and other data.
Harris County data and more.
Available by contacting the Harris County Public Infrastructure Department Architecture and Engineering Division GIS Group. 
Vector data covers only the H-GAC region; however, several are regional and statewide.
Data is free to TAMU students who are conducting research projects. Licensing restrictions apply. Please ask for the CD at Map and GIS front desk. The LibCat record provides more information.
Free raster and vector data, aerials, GPS maps, DEMs, and satellite imagery. It also offers indexes and  georeferenced topographic maps
This site provides comprehensive forestry data for countries within the Congo Basin. For Cameroon, these resources contain shapefiles and rasters pertaining to forestry, conservation, extractive permits, towns, hydrography, infrastructure, administrative boundaries, industrial plantations, and vegetation.
Central Afrian Republic
This site provides comprehensive forestry data for countries within the Congo Basin. For the Central African Republic, these resources contain shapefiles pertaining to conservation, extractive permits, towns, hydrography, road networks and factories, administrative boundaries, relief, and vegetation.
Democratic Republic of the Congo
This site provides comprehensive forestry data for countries within the Congo Basin. For the Democratic Republic of the Congo, these resources contain shapefiles and rasters pertaining to conservation, towns, hydrography, infrastructure, administrative boundaries, logging concessions, and vegetation.
Equatorial Guinea
This site provides comprehensive forestry data for countries within the Congo Basin. For the Equatorial Guinea, these resources contain shapefiles and rasters pertaining to community forestry, towns, hydrography, administrative boundaries, road networks, and vegetation.
This site provides comprehensive forestry data for countries within the Congo Basin. For Gabon, these resources contain shapefiles and rasters pertaining to land allocation, towns, hydrography, administrative boundaries, infrastructure, and vegetation.
Provides shapefiles and raster data that cover the climatological, physical, biological, cultural, and historical aspects of Namibia. It is based on data from a work,Atlas of Namibia Project (2002), attributed to the Directorate of Environmental Affairs within the Namibian Ministry of Environment and Tourism (URL ).
A census of the dunes within the Namib Sand Sea as well as their forcing factors. Data are in raster format.
Data of populated places, administrative boundaries, roads, railways, hydrology, bathymetry, glaciers, and sea ice. This portal also offers free base maps.
Raster data, such as satellite images or scanned topographic maps, vector data, such as national-scale frameworks (grouped by theme), and a database of ground control points.
The Canadian natural resources databases, available free of charge, including: maps, geophysical surveys, geochemical data, mineral and fossil fuel data, rock properties, marine geoscience, and more.
Hydrology, temperatures, and petroleum. 
Canada's central statistical agency. It provides data related to population, resources, economy, society, and culture. It offers tabular data, maps, and boundary files.

(Environmental Information and Climate Change Unit) Contains environmental reports for the forest and mangrove ecosystems(with maps in PDF format) as well as monthly climate status reports.

Instituto Nacional de Estadistica y Geografia (National Institute of Statistics and Geography) INEGI offers mapping services and tabular data. Users should explore the website and select the interactive map that best fits their project. Some examples are:

North America
A collaborative initiative between government agencies in Canada, Mexico and the United States.” It assembles a growing number of foundational and thematic map layers. By comparing these layers, users can better understand and quantify critical trends and interrelationships at a continental scale." It includes themes such as basemap, watersheds, terrestrial ecoregions, human influence, marine ecosystems, climate, and industrial pollution.
Nautical Charts
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