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GIS Workshop Series

The GIS Workshop Series introduces participants to core concepts of GIS, including: spatial analysis, data management, cartography, and software navigation.


Learning outcomes include competency in core concepts and software tasks, and knowledge of resources for further learning.


Core Concepts and Software Tasks

1. Foundations of GIS

  •     Basic Principles of GIS
  •     GIS file formats
  •     ArcGIS Navigation

2. Finding and Importing Data

  •     Identifying Appropriate Data Sources
  •     Importing Coordinate Data
  •     Projections

3. Spatial Analysis

  •     Geoprocessing Tools
  •     Spatial & Attribute Joins

4. Data Management

  •     Metadata
  •     Working with Tabular Data
  •     Data Citations & Repositories

5. Cartography and Visualization

  •     How to make a map
  •     Building a web map