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GIS Workshop Series

Week 4

Week 4: Data Management


Objective: Become familiar with metadata, working with tabular data, citing data, and data repositories

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Describe data management planning and the research life cycle, and why they are important to GIS users
  2. Describe best practices for data management
  3. Define metadata
  4. Identify and edit GIS metadata in ArcGIS
  5. Be familiar with how to cite data sources
  6. Describe the purpose of a data repository
  7. Be familiar with additional resources for learning about data management

Week 4 Materials

Abstract: This shapefile was downloaded from College Station Open Data website: in January 2017. The shapefile is described on the Open Data site as follows: "The Bicycle, Pedestrian and Greenways Master Plan was adopted on January 28, 2010 as a component of the College Station Comprehensive Plan. The intent of the Bicycle, Pedestrian and Greenways Master Plan is to provide information and guidance on bicycle, pedestrian, and greenway facilities (bikes lanes, bike routes, sidewalks, and multi-use pates) in College Station."