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HPCH 606 Public Health Informatics (Spring 2018)

Geospatial Librarian

Cecilia Smith's picture
Cecilia Smith
GIS Help in Evans Library 202
Wednesdays & Thursdays 2:00-4:00
(979) 862-1052
Subjects:Maps and GIS

Our health is integrally tied to geography. This guide will introduce you to working with public health data in the mapping application SimplyMap and to visualizing spatial information.

By following the tutorial video and handout, you will learn to:

  • Navigate SimplyMap
  • Identify health and demographic patterns via spatial analysis
  • Create maps for presentations and reports

Questions? Want to learn more about mapping or working with spatial data? Contact Dr. Cecilia Smith at or visit Map & GIS in Evan Library 202.


The video below provides a short primer to mapping and public health: