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Research Guides

Texas Private Practice Veterinarians and Texas A&M DVM Alumni

Article and Book Chapter Delivery Service Instructions

1.  Go to

2.  Click the MSL Affiliate Login link.

Image of MSL's Get It For Me welcome page

3.  If you have not registered yet, click First Time Users.

Image of MSL Get It For Me Sign In page

4.  Read the registration information page and click the First Time Users Register Here link. NOTE: When you click through this page you agree to the terms and conditions listed.

Image of MSL Get It For Me user agreement page.

5.  Fill in the Personal Information. All fields denoted with * are required. Choose the appropriate affiliation as both your Status and Affiliation. Click Submit Information.

Image of MSL Get It For Me personal information form page.

1.  Go to

2.  Click MSL Affiliate Login. Logon.

Image MSL Get It For Me welcome page.

3.  In the menu on the left, under the New Request heading, click the type of item you are requesting, e.g., article or book chapter.

Image of MSL Get It For Me logged in main page.
4. Complete the request form with as much information as you have. Click Submit Request.

Image of MSL Get It For Me article request form.

NOTE: We require a Get It For Me account to fill LoansomeDoc requests.


2.  Click Get Started.

Image of LoansomeDoc registration page 1.
3.  Click the link Enter your Library Identifier.

Image of LoansomeDoc enter your library identifier page.
4.  Enter TXUTAM, click Continue.

Image of LoansomeDoc library identifier page with TXUTAM entered.
5.  Enter TXUTAM in the Authorization Code AND the MUST Call Library First field. Select “I am a health professional, but have no affiliation with this institution.” Click Continue.

Image of LoansomeDoc authorization code and must call library first fields.
6.  Read the Terms of Use.  If you agree, click the box then Accept.

Image of LoansomeDoc terms of use webpage.
7. Complete the registration information. Ensure the LoansomeDoc Email Address is exactly the same as your Get It For Me Username. Leave the Max Cost per Article field blank. Click Continue.

Image of LoansomeDoc your information web form.

8.  Verify your information, and click Complete Registration.

Once registered, you can order articles two ways: Directly through LoansomeDoc or via PubMed.

Via PubMed

1.  In

search for and select articles.

Image PubMed welcome webpage

2.  Click the Send to link. In the Choose Destination box, choose Order. Click Order Articles.

Image of PubMed "equine encephalitis" search results webpage
3.  Log into LoansomeDoc and place your order.

You will receive email notification when each request is available, generally within 24 to 48 hours.

1.  Go to

Click the MSL Affiliate Login link and logon.

2.  In the menu on the left, under the View heading, click Electronically Received Articles. Each request is listed with a link to a .pdf file. You may view, download, and/or print each file for 30 days from the day it is posted.

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