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Teaching Support for Instruction

Teaching with the Libraries (Fall 2020)

The University Libraries Instruction sessions will be predominately virtual.  Our librarians, curators and instructional staff are working hard to increase course support through online class guides, tutorials, and asynchronous instruction methods tailored to specific course and assignments and we will continue to be available for scheduled online instruction sessions during a class or offer pre-recorded sessions if a virtual library visit does not work.

If virtual instruction cannot meet the learning objectives for a course, some exceptions will be made to accommodate limited in-person library instruction.  Any in-person instruction is at the share discretion of the library and course instructor and must meet guidelines for space occupancy and social distancing.

The learning outcomes for library instruction should be considered before making decisions to teach either online or face-to-face.

Questions to Consider with Your Librarian:

  1. Can learning outcomes be achieved online?
  2. What behaviors would you need to see in order to know if these outcomes were achieved?
  3. Can these behaviors be demonstrated in an online format?
  4. Can students in the face to face and online environments have equal access to the learning materials?

Face to face instruction is possible only if the decision to do so is mutually agreed upon by both the instructor and the librarian and the need for face to face instruction is consistent with course content and safety considerations.


Class Visits to Library Buildings For Fall 2020

  • In accordance with 3.1.1 of the Provost's Fall 2020 Guidelines, "only classrooms designated in the final course schedule may be used.  For safety reasons, the location shall not be changed."  Instructors may not bring their classes to the library for class instruction, tours, programs or events.
  • Librarians that choose to meet with face-to-face classes will meet in the university designated classroom.
  • Campus tours involving a stop at the Libraries will be asked to conduct their sessions outside the buildings.