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Coronavirus Libraries' Service Updates and Resources

While our buildings are closed to public access until further notice, we are still here for your learning and teaching needs. We have robust online and virtual services available to support research, learning, and online instruction and also have thousands of electronic resources to help you with your research needs.
You can contact us at AskUs.

Summary of Service Status

Service updates

  • We will keep this page up-to-date, please check back often for additional information as it becomes available.

  • 10:45am, 8/6, SB - updated info about interlibrary loan returns
  • 12:15pm, 7/16, BG - JLF materials can now be requested and picked-up.
  • 3:05pm, 7/13, SB - Updated materials pick-up for BLCC
  • 5:45pm, 7/10, BG - Added FAQ to tours and tabling
  • 4:00pm, 7/1, BG/SB - Major Overhaul of page. Includes information on scanning and contactless delivery.
  • 10:30am, 6/23, BG - Update GIFM details regarding scanning and returning items.
  • 9:30am, 6/18, SB - Changed 'curbside' to 'contactless'.
  • 2:25pm; 6/17, SB - Added service updates under GIFM and Checking Out and Returning Materials headings. Updated Summary of Services.
  • 4:51pm; 5/7, SB - Changed language under Facilities to reflect OAL Lab at BLCC is closed.
  • 7:00pm; 5/6, BG - OAL Lab at BLCC now closed for the summer. Removed from summary of services. Modified language regarding returning items. The procedure remains to email for a FedEx label if you are not returning to campus, otherwise, hold on to your items.
  • 4:43pm; 4/24, SB - Added info about support for remote research.
  • 11:10am; 4/14, BG - Removed dates regarding fines and fees.
  • 4:15pm; 4/7, SB - Added course reserves information to the Library Materials page on the Teaching Online guide.
  • 4:00pm; 4/6, SB - Added information regarding expanded access and free resources to the Online Materials portion of the Virtual Library Services guide.
  • 1:00pm; 4/3, BG - Added note for graduating students regarding materials. Graduate students can email Get It For Me and when staff are back in the building, we will mail FedEx return labels.
  • 2:50pm; 4/1, SB - Added Tutorials Directory as its own page on the Teaching Online guide
  • 4:20pm; 3/27, BG - Removed fedex label returns from GIFM, clarifying GIFM language
  • 12:00pm; 3/27, SB - Added hours widget for AskUs to Virtual Services page
  • 10:00am; 3/25, BG - Removed "call us" from AskUs
  • 5:30pm, 3/24, BG/SB - multiple updates
    • Buildings are closed (except BLCC OAL lab).
    • All but small number of essential staff are working from alternative work locations.
    • Scanning/digitization no longer available. Course reserve piece added to reflect.
    • The Libraries is no longer accepting the return of materials. Closure of bookdrops and return carts.
    • Started a change log


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