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Research Guides

Systematic Reviews and Related Evidence Syntheses

Scoping Review Steps

  1. Develop the research question(s)
  2. Develop the inclusion criteria
  3. Develop a comprehensive search strategy
  4. Search relevant databases
  5. Perform grey literature searches (dissertations, conference papers, reports) and supplementary searches (e.g., forward/backwards citations, handsearching journals, contacting authors)
  6. Screen titles and abstracts using eligibility criteria, usually done by 2 reviewers
  7. Screen full text noting the reason for exclusion, usually done by 2 reviewers
  8. Develop a form or table to extract (or chart) data from the study
  9. Analyze data, typically using descriptive statistics or descriptive approaches
  10. Report search methods; and report results of the literature searches and screening (PRISMA Flow Chart/Diagram)
  11. Report results that answer the study's research questions

Based on Arksey & O'Malley (2005) and Peters et al. (2020).

Recommended Scoping Review Methods Readings