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Location and Travel Apps

Location and travel apps can be an important way to stay in touch with friends while overseas as well as keeping track of students in your program to prevent getting lost and knowing where social events are held.

Note: Language apps can be found under the Language Resources tab.

Location Apps:

Google Now (AndroidiOS)

Foursquare (AndroidiOS)

Swarm (AndroidiOS) - this is a more fun version of Foursquare

Translation Apps:

Google Translate (AndroidiOS)

iTranslate (AndroidiOS)

Voice Translator (Android)

Traveler Apps:

Google Maps (AndroidiOS)

Smart Traveler App (AndroidiOS)

Wikitude (AndroidiOS) - augmented reality app

Cities Talking (AndroidiOS) - audio tours of cities

With Locals Local Travel Guide (AndroidiOS) - app designed for travelers wanting to avoid tourist traps

Flickr (AndroidiOS) - can store up to a terabyte of photos online, make albums of your study abroad trip, etc.

Accuweather (AndroidiOS) - get updated weather information on your host country's weather conditions

Note: You can also search Google Play Store or iTunes store for selected historical augmented reality apps that let you see current historic sites with an historical information overlay.