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American Petroleum Institute (API) Standards

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Petroleum Industry Business Information

Do you need information about the petroleum industry from a business perspective –information about petroleum as a commodity? 

Well, you won’t find this kind of information in the OnePetro or Petroleum Abstracts databases, but this data has been collected and published for decades in the resource, Twentieth Century Petroleum Statistics.  The publisher, DeGolyer and MacNaughton, doesn’t offer this online, but only in print format.  You’ll find this informative annual publication on the 5th floor of Evans Library under call number:  HD 9560.2 .T9. 

However, beginning with the 2016 issue (72nd edition), the new Twenty First Century Petroleum Statistics, including historical data prior to 1960,.is available at:

To get an idea of the kind of statistics contained, here’s an example Table of Contents:


Crude Reserves
Crude Production-Demand
Crude Production
Crude Prices
Natural Gas Reserves
Refined Products Demand
Refining Capacity

United States:

Crude Reserves
Crude Production
Oil Wells and Footage Drilled
Producing Oil Wells
Average Production per Oil Well
Marginal Wells
Total Oil Supply
Refining Capacity
Production of Refined Products
Refinery Yields
Stocks, All Oils
Crude Imports by Source
Total Imports and Exports
Supply and Demand, All Oils
Natural Gas Reserves
Gas Wells
Producing Gas Wells
Average Production per Gas Well
Natural Gas Consumption and Production
Natural Gas Liquids Reserves
Plant Production of Natural Gas Liquids
Drilling Costs
Depth Interval Statistics of Wells Drilled
Seismic Activity and Rotary Rigs Running
Wholesale Price Indices
Value of Oil and Gas Production at Wells
Crude Oil Postings
Population and Per-Capita Oil Consumption
Total Energy Production and Consumption
End-Use Energy Demand by Sector
Demand for Energy Used in Generation of Electricity by Utilities
Conversion Factors

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