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Education (PK-12)

PK-12 Textbook Collection

PK-12 textbooks are located in the Curriculum Collection on the 4th floor of Evans Library near the skywalk.

You can search for PK-12 textbooks in the Libraries Catalog

Search only for textbooks in the Curriculum Collection by filtering results under "Library Locations" to “Sterling C. Evans Library & Annex Library -> Curriculum Collection Textbooks (4th floor)”

PK-12 Textbooks by Subject

The PK curriculum collection may include teacher's guides, Big Books, music CDs, DVDs, and hands on learning kits. Books and kits can be checked out individually. However, all items located inside kits must be checked out together and returned intact.

Older Adoptions:

Math K-5

Math 6-8

Algebra I - High School

Algebra II - High School

Geometry - High School

Science K-5

Science 6-8

High School Science

Social Studies K-5

Social Studies 6-8

Social Studies 9-11

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