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State Adopted PK-12 Textbooks

Finding Historic and Past Adoption Textbooks

Textbooks no longer being used in Texas PK-12 public schools are available in Evans Library.

Textbooks out of adoption are removed from the Curriculum Collection. The books (one student edition and one teacher edition) are then relocated throughout the library based on the Library of Congress call number for the subject. For example, out of adoption high school American history textbooks will be located on the sixth floor of Evans with other history books.

Supplemental materials such as workbooks, transparencies, and assessment guides are not retained. However, some items such as big books and manipulatives are incorporated into the juvenile literature section of the Curriculum Collection.

Identifying Titles and Publishers of Old Textbooks

Try the old State Adopted or Instructional Materials Bulletins/Lists. You can find them dating back to 1929 in the UT Digital Repository.