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Guide to Citation Analysis

Journal Evaluation

Eigenfactor:   A free and searchable database, Eigenfactor covers the natural and social sciences and "also lists newsprint, PhD theses, popular magazines and more." "It ranks the influence of journals much as Google’s PageRank algorithm ranks the influence of web pages. By this approach, journals are considered to be influential if they are cited often by other influential journals." The Eigenfactor is now included in Journal Citation Reports.

Journal Citation Reports
Evaluates and compares journals from virtually all specialties in the areas of science, technology, and the social sciences based on citation data from over 7,000 scholarly and technical journals from more than 3,300 publishers in over 60 countries. It is published annually in 2 editions: JCR Science Edition and JCR Social Sciences Edition. It can show you the most frequently cited journals in a field, the highest impact journals in a field and the largest journals in a field.

Cabell's Directory of Publishing Opportunities
The Directory helps you to determine which journals typically publish manuscripts similar to yours or could be the best fit for your manuscript. The index in each Directory helps you match the characteristics of your manuscript to the topic areas the journal emphasizes and acceptance rate. TAMU's current online subscriptions include only the Educational and Psychology editions. The print editions cover publishing opportunities for business and economics, management, and educational technology and library science.