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Guide to Citation Analysis

Resources for Alt-metrics

Alternative metrics (often on an article-level) are sometimes called altmetrics. Altmetrics include metrics of use such as views or mentionings in social media. For example, the BMJ published as early as in 2004 the number of views for the articles it published – a metric that is somewhat correlated to subsequent citations. Starting in March 2009, the Public Library of Science also introduced article level metric on every article in all of their titles.

An open-source, web-based tool that helps researchers track the diverse impacts of all their research products--traditional ones like journal articles, but also alternative products like blog posts, datasets, and software.

Article-Level Metrics available for every article published by PLOS provide a comprehensive set of impact indicators that enable numerous ways to assess and navigate research most relevant to the field itself, including: usage, citations, social bookmarking and dissemination activity, media and blog coverage, and PLOS discussion activity and ratings.

Focused on making article level metrics easy. Offers a free bookmarklet.‚Äč

Plum Analytics tracks more than 20 different types of artifacts, including journal articles, books, videos, presentations, conference proceedings, datasets, source code, cases, and more.

A social tool to facilitate citation analysis and help evaluate the impact of an author's publications.