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Educational Psychology


PsycINFO is the primary database covering scholarly literature in psychology. When you search PsycINFO, you are actually searching content within the other three core databases listed below. 

  • PsycINFO (EBSCO)  
    Core resource for all areas of psychology; roughly 2,500 journals, over 200 of which cover neuroscience; 99% of journals are peer-reviewed with coverage starting in 1880s. Includes citations & abstracts for articles, books, books chapters, conference papers, and selected dissertations.
    Full run of over 100 full-text, peer-reviewed psychology journals; citations & abstracts are included in PsycINFO, which link back to the full-text in PsycARTICLES.
  • PsycBOOKS (EBSCO) 
    Over 4,000 full-text, current and historical scholarly books indexed at the chapter level in all areas of psychology, both practical and theoretical. Over 1,000 titles published by the American Psychological Association; the rest are "classic" or seminal titles in the history of psychology. Citations & abstracts are included in PsycINFO, which link back to the full-text in PsycBOOKS.
    Full-text reviews of current books, feature films, educational videos, and some software related to psychology. Over 900 reviews added each year; citations and abstracts are included in PsycINFO which link back to the full-text in PsycCRITIQUES.
  • ERIC "Education Resources Information Center" (EBSCO)  
    Provides full-text access to scholarly journal articles and "ERIC Documents" (instructional materials, books, conference papers, research reports, and selected dissertations) relating to all levels of education from pre-school through higher education.
  • Education Source (EBSCO)  
    World's largest, most complete collection of full-text education journals; also includes international English-language books, yearbooks, and other unique sources covering all levels of education (from early childhood to higher education) as well as specialties such as multilingual education, health education, and testing. This is a MERGER of the following databases: Education Abstracts, Education Index Retrospective, Education Full Text, Education Research Complete, and over 200 additional full-text journals not previously available in any database.

These databases cover multiple subject areas within the sciences, social sciences, and humanities, including educational psychology and the behavioral sciences. Useful for finding articles in journals not covered by PsycINFO or those from related disciplines.

  • Academic Search Ultimate (EBSCO) 
    Provides full-text access to articles in over 6,000 scholarly journals in all areas of social sciences, sciences, and humanities -- including psychology, educational psychology, and other behavioral sciences.
  • ‚ÄčWeb of Science (Thomson Reuters) 
    Find out how many times a specific article has been cited by other authors; and view the article reference lists. Provides tools to analyze and create a citation report on search results. Web of Science (WoS) is one of the products within the Web of Knowledge collection. It includes Social Sciences Citation Index (covering psychology and education journals), and Science Citation Index (covering neuroscience journals) which cover the most heavily cited journals in these fields of study.

These cover specific areas of psychology and the behavioral sciences or have special functions.

  • Annual Reviews 
    Each full-text annual volume provides about 20 scholarly, comprehensive review articles critiquing the most important research published during the year. Articles include extensive reference lists and are written by leading scientists in 29 disciplines including Psychology, Clinical Psychology, and Neuroscience.
  • Cabell's Directory of Publishing Opportunities in Educational Psychology & Administration 
    Describes over 600 journals including: review process, acceptance rate, % invited articles, type of review (editorial/blind), and turnaround time to review submissions; also provides: contact, publisher, link to journal website, frequency of publication, topics covered, manuscript submission guidelines, and instructions for authors.
  • Counseling & Therapy in Video (Alexander Street Press) 
    Provides over 400 hours of streaming video for the study of psychotherapy and psychiatric counseling; and searchable transcripts synchronized to video. Counseling sessions and demonstrations feature filmed footage of actual, re-enacted, and scripted therapy sessions. Videos are drawn from the catalogs of Microtraining Associates,, and the University of Manchester Department of Psychiatry.
  • Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE) 
    Peer reviewed scientific video journal founded to increase the reproducibility and productivity of science research and education. We subscribe to 8 of the subject collections including: Behavior, Neuroscience, and Science Education (which includes Advanced Biology - Essentials of Neuroscience); and also Biology, Bioengineering, Immunology and Infection, Medicine, and Engineering.
  • Kanopy 
    A streaming video platform featuring a large catalog of documentary, educational, and feature films.
  • Linguistics & Language Behavior Abstracts (ProQuest) 
    Scholarly articles, books, conference papers, and selected dissertations on topics such as language acquisition, bilingualism/multilingualism, language behavior, learning and language disabilities, speech, verbal/non-verbal communication, and psycholinguistics.
  • PILOTS "Published International Literature on Traumatic Stress" (U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs) 
    Largest database of citations and abstracts for publications related to the assessment, description, prevention, and treatment of post traumatic stress disorder. Links provided to full text documents when available, otherwise check the TAMU Libraries holdings or request a copy through Get it For Me service. Produced by the National Center for PTSD; is available to the public; and no account or password is required. Although it is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, the PILOTS Database is not limited to literature on PTSD among veterans. (Search interface provided by ProQuest). National Center for PTSD:
  • PsycTHERAPY (APA PsycNET)  
    Streaming video collection of actual psychotherapy sessions recorded within the last 10 years and produced by the American Psychological Association. Therapeutic approaches are demonstrated by master practitioners who are experts in their respective fields. Includes synchronized, searchable transcripts; can also search by topics, therapeutic approaches, and therapists. New content added twice per year.
  • SAGE Knowledge 
    Includes handbooks and encyclopedias in the social and behavioral sciences.
  • SAGE Video 
    Streaming video subject collections (originally-commissioned and licensed video content) includes the following areas: Psychology; Sociology; Counseling & Psychotherapy; Education; Criminology & Criminal Justice; Business & Management; Media, Communication & Cultural Studies; Politics & International Relations; and Research Methods Video. Video types include: observational, tutorial, cases, panel discussions, lectures, and more.
  • SAGE Research Methods Online  
    Full text of over 600 handbooks, including "little Green Books" and "little Blue Books" on research methods covering literature reviews, mixed methods, quantitative and qualitative research, research design, writing up research, and publishing. Also includes a "Methods Map" visual search tool and over 25 videos on research methodology.
  • SAGE Research Methods Cases 
    Learn from stories of real research. A collection of case studies of real social research, specially commissioned and designed to help students understand abstract methodological concepts in practice.
  • SAGE Research Methods Datasets 
    Practice data analysis. A collection of datasets that can be used to support the teaching of quantitative and qualitative analytical methods used in the social sciences. Datasets are taken from larger national and international data sources, cleaned and reduced in size and complexity for teaching and self-study purposes, perfect for researchers, learning a new method, or brushing up on a familiar one.

Use these databases to find dissertations produced at TAMU and other universities around the world. 

  • ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global   
    Most comprehensive coverage of dissertations and theses from around the world, 1861 - present, with full text for most dissertations beginning with 1997.
  • TAMU Theses & Dissertations (OAKTrust) 
    Full text access to dissertations and theses completed at TAMU, 2002 to the present. Older ones (pre-2002) were digitized and posted to this repository, though most will have full text access restricted to users with a TAMU NetID and password.

Searching the Educational Psychology Journal Literature

Time-Saving Research Tips

Instead of searching Google to find articles on your topic, it is much more efficient to search a database which covers a collection of journals matching the field or discipline that you are researching. 

Most databases include citations (journal name, article title, author(s), volume & issue number, page range, and year published) as well as abstracts (brief summary) describing articles within the journals covered by the database. Many also include citations and abstracts for books, book chapters, conference papers, and dissertations.

Search the databases to find scholarly and peer-reviewed journal articles in the field of educational psychology.

Tips for Accessing Full Text

Full-Text Journal Articles

  1. Some databases provide PDFHTML, or "Linked Full Text" options to the full-text of publications.
  2. Otherwise, use the yellow Find Text @ TAMU button which links to TAMU Libraries' online full-text journal subscriptions.
  3. If full-text is not available online, do a "journal title" search in LibCat to check for a print subscription.
  4. If no electronic or print copy is available, use our free Get it for Me service (TAMU Libraries will try to obtain a free copy from another library in the state or U.S.). Get it for Me link is also located on the Library Home Page.