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Steward Your Resources

Manage your works throughout the research or creative lifestyle

Research in the 21st century requires new tools and new approaches for managing and preserving the outputs of our investigations. Research products -- whether in the form of data, documents, models or software -- need continuous care to ensure their value through the research life cycle.

  • Organize computer files in logical arrangements with unique names and identifiers
  • Back-up and synch files regularly to ensure their continuing availability and integrity
  • Create metadata that describes data, documents and other research deliverables not only for internal use but for others to discovery, assess and re-use
  • Maintain unambiguous and complete citations to research products to ensure others can find the products of your research
  • Manage and update collections of reprints and citations using a citation management tools such as RefWorks, Zotero, Mendeley, or others
  • Publish your data, documents and metadata on the Web where these resources can be discovered and accessed by others