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The following suggestions are excerpted and adapted from Dr. Peter Suber, Title, and author of "What you can do to promote open access"

  1. Submit your research articles to OA journals, when there are appropriate OA journals in your field.
  2. Deposit your works in an open-access archive such as the Texas A&M Digital Repository, or a subject-focused archive available for your community of practice;
  3. If publishers' restrictions do not allow self-archiving of your work, submit the metadata that describes your work to a repository, along with a link to a version of the work that is available directly from the publisher.
  4. Deposit your data files in an OA archive along with the articles built on them. Whenever possible, link to the data files from the articles, and vice versa, so that readers of one know where to find the other.
  5. When applying for research grants, ask the foundation for funds to pay the processing fees charged by OA journals. Many foundations are already on the record as willing to do this. For the rest, it's important to ask.
  6. Make sure that your works (OA and non-OA) are indexed by Google Scholar.
  7. If you work in biomedicine and receive funding the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH), then comply with its request to deposit any publications based on NIH-funded research in PubMed Central (PMC), and authorize PMC to release them to the public as soon as possible after publication.

Share What You've Got (Award-winning video)


Share What You've Got from Kazuyuki Ishii on Vimeo.