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Open Access Journals

How to get a DOI

  • Select a Registration Agency to have a DOI assigned. 
  • The cost of registering new DOI names depends on the services you would like to purchase.
  • CrossRef has information on publisher fees. 

How to get an ISSN

  • U.S. publishers should complete an application form and send it to the U.S. ISSN Center together with a representation of the serial (either a sample issue, or a photocopy of the cover, title page (if present), masthead, publisher information, and any other pages giving information about the serial).
  • There is no charge for the assignment of the ISSN, or for the use of an ISSN once assigned.
  • The Library of Congress incurs substantial costs to staff and maintain the U.S. ISSN Center. Additionally, the Library of Congress is assessed a considerable fee to belong to the ISSN Network.).
  • Library of Congress FAQ.