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Research Guides

PERF 338: Performing Communities-Prof. Jesse O'Rear (Fall 2021)


Cushing Collections

Processed Collections with Finding Guides

Kevin Bailey Collection, 1976-1990-TAMU Gay Student Services Organization and the campus attitudes toward the LGBT community.

Honorable Judge Phyllis Frye Collection-former TAMU student, her papers document transgender journals and her personal papers, research materials, documentation on the founding of the International Conference on Transgender Law and Employment Policy.

Tom and Tom Collection, 1972-1990-GLBT community at Texas A&M University, in the Brazos Valley, and the US.

Samuel Delany-celebrated science fiction writer.

Media Fanzine Collection-fan-produced publications that document fan groups for movies, televisions, and science fiction and fantasy.

Books collections cataloged in LibCat

Harriette Andreadis Women's Studies Research Collection and Personal Archive-TAMU retired Professor and founder of Women's Studies-papers include her research, the early history of Women's and Gender Studies, and extensive book collection.

Hubert Kennedy writings-about 30+ writings of mathematician and gay writer including his translations of German writer John Henry Mackay's novels, plus other German gay writers and the history of homosexuality in Germany.

Antonio La Pastina and Dale Rice Collection-TAMU Professor in Communications-collection includes books, serials, postcards, media and other ephemera related to LGBTQ communities both nationally and internationally.

Mark Sieling and John Algor Collections-well-known bibliophile/collector and scholar of LGBTQ resources. The collection contains unique and rare books, some with unusual casings, art books, albums, and writings. 

Book Collections in Process

Don Kelly Research Collection on Gay History and Culture-an 12000+ collection of books, serials, manuscripts, and posters that document the LGBTQ community nationally and internationally. The collection is housed in Cushing Memorial Library & Archives, but you can access the Kelly collection via, an open source website.