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Diversity and Inclusion


Welcome to the Diversity and Inclusion LibGuide for Texas A&M University Libraries! This guide can provide you with information about campus, online, and library resources related to the topics of diversity and inclusion.

Promoting diversity has been part of the mission of the Texas A&M University Libraries for many years. In February 2002, the Dean of the University Libraries established a diversity program as a component of the Public Relations Office. The Diversity Program Coordinating Committee (DPCC) schedules programs in keeping with a designated theme each year. Programs are coordinated through the University Libraries' department of Marketing and Communication. The Diversity Committee partners with other units on campus such as Multicultural Services in co-sponsoring programs.

We are proud to serve a diverse population of students and honor the tradition of respecting the cultural and intellectual diversity of higher education. To learn more about Texas A&M Libraries' diversity statement, continue reading.

For a better understanding of concepts and terminology related to diversity, feel free to consult the informative Diversity Glossary, maintained by Pacific University Oregon.

Unity in Diversity


Excellence through Diversity - rainbow like image of people

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Diversity as Enrichment Quotes

"Our cultural diversity has most certainly shaped our national character."

Emily Bishop

"Diversity is the magic. It is the first manifestation, the first beginning of the differentiation of a thing and of simple identity. The greater the diversity, the greater the perfection."

Thomas Berry


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Diversity as Unity Quotes

"Human diversity makes tolerance more than a virtue; it makes it a requirement for survival."

Rene Dubos

"Peace is not unity in similarity but unity in diversity, in the comparison and conciliation of differences"

Mikhail Gorbachev

"Diversity: the art of thinking independently together."

Malcom Forbes

Texas A&M University Resources on Diversity

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