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Pharmacy: Key Information Resources

FAQs: Library Operations

What is the Medical Sciences Library (MSL)?

The Medical Sciences Library (MSL or MSL@BCS) is located on the Texas A&M University campus in Bryan / College Station, and occupies over 44,000 square feet containing holdings of more than 120,000 print volumes and over 1,600 serials titles with collections expenditures over $1.8 million. The MSL serves as the primary library for the undergraduate, graduate and professional programs in the colleges of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, School of Public Health, Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, and the Department of Health & Kinesiology. In addition, the library contracts with the National Library of Medicine's Resource Medical Library to perform to area healthcare providers in our 22 county area. The Medical Sciences Library is a member of the Association of Academic Health Sciences Libraries, the South Central Academic Medical Libraries Consortium, and the Medical Library Association.

What is the College of Pharmacy Library (COPL)?

The College of Pharmacy Library (COPL or MSL@Kingsville) is a remote extension of the MSL, located on the Texas A&M University-Kingsville campus, on the second floor of the Irma Rangel College of Pharmacy. The MSL staffs and operates the COP Library space, managing the print collection and providing reference and research assistance for CoP students, faculty, and staff. On-Site MSL personnel include a pharmacy-experienced librarian, a full-time library associate, and a part-time student assistant.

In addition to the print collection, the COPL houses five networked Windows-based computers with internet access, a high-speed networked color photocopier printer, and a mobile-device charging station. Software available on the computers includes the current version of Microsoft Office; SOAPware, an electronic medical records system; and internet browsers. Building-wide wireless Wi-Fi service is available for use by students, faculty, and staff, further assisting ease of access to the library and educational resources. A quiet study space for up to three students is available for reserve. Other group study spaces are available in the RCOP building, as well as in the Jernigan Library on the TAMUK campus.

What are the MSL and COPL operating hours?

The MSL hours of operation vary depending on semester / day, and can be found here. The COPL is open 8-5, M-F, and is closed on weekends.

Is assistance available at both the MSL and COPL?

Yes. Library Associates and Librarians are available to assist students / faculty / staff at both campuses. The Library Associate specific to the College of Pharmacy is Brian BinghamThe Pharmacy librarian is Christina SeegerA list of TAMU subject librarians can be found here.

FAQs: Library Resources

Are libraries resources available off-campus?

Yes, libraries electronic resources are available 24/7, anywhere with an internet connection, using library links and your NetID or TAMHSC ID.

Do libraries resources include copies of textbooks required and recommended for PHAR courses? Are those textbooks available in print and electronic formats? Is there a list of PHAR textbooks available in electronic format?

The MSL and COPL maintain identical textbook collections on course reserves for all current PHAR courses. The course reserves include at least 1 copy of every required / recommended textbook for current PHAR courses, in either print or electronic format, and in both formats where possible. A list of key textbooks available in electronic format can be found here. The current COP Textbook List can be found here. If you discover a textbook on a course syllabus that is not available in either the course reserves, please contact the COPL Associate.

What role does the MSL and COPL have regarding PHAR textbooks?

The COPL Associate coordinates with the COP faculty to generate a list of required and recommended textbooks for each semester. The COPL Associate then orders print (and electronic, where available) copies of those books, and places them on the Library Course Reserves. The current COP Textbook List can be found here.

What is the standard borrowing time for textbooks? Do e-books have borrowing times?

Most textbooks required / recommended for courses are on reserve, which have a standard check-out time of 2 hours. Other monographs, including older editions of textbooks, have a standard check-out time of 2 weeks. Some electronic textbooks have a user limit at any one time. The library also has a reference collection including materials that can be used in the library, but not checked out.

Is there a limit to the number of books that I can check out at one time?

Yes, the number of monographs you can have charged to your account at one time is 10. The number of reserve monographs you can have charged to your account at one time is 3.

How can I request new books to be purchased for the library?

To request the purchase of textbook for the library collection, please contact the COPL Associate, or submit a purchase request here.

FAQs: Networking & Printing

Are color printing services available at the MSL and COPL? Are prints free?

Both the MSL and COPL have color printers available. MSL printers use an independent system to charge for printing, while COPL printers connect to your TAMHSC print account. Prints are generally $0.05 for b/w; $0.10 for color. You can check the balance of your print account here. You can add credits to your print account via the COP business office, COP RM325.

Are students allowed to make copies of library materials?

The copyright law of the United States (Title 17, United States Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material. Under certain conditions specified in the law, libraries and archives are authorized to furnish a photocopy or other reproduction. One of these specified conditions is that the photocopy or reproduction is not to be "used for any purpose other than private study, scholarship, or research." If a user makes a request for, or later uses, a photocopy or reproduction for purposes in excess of "fair use," that user may be liable for copyright infringement. The reasonable page limit for photocopy requests is 50 pages. If you require assistance making a photocopy of a print resource, please contact either the COPL Associate, or place a Get It For Me (GIFM) request.

Can I fax a document using MSL or COPL printers?

No, library printers do not have their own fax number. To send out a fax document, MSL patrons can contact the MSL Service Desk. COPL patrons can go to Student Affairs in RCOP 102, where a staff member can help them fax school-related documents.

Do the MSL and COPL have Wi-Fi?

Yes. The TAMHSC Wi-Fi network is broadcast on the TAMU campus in the Reynolds Medical Sciences building; and on the TAMUK campus in the RCOP and Kleberg Hall. The TAMULink Wi-Fi network is broadcast on the TAMU campus in the MSL.

Does the COP Library have a Facebook group?

The COPL Associate monitors a Facebook page, Instructional Technology & MSL Resources @ Rangel COP, to help answer questions related to libraries resources.

FAQs: PaperCut


TAMHSC uses PaperCut software to allow RCOP users to manage their print-jobs securely. Documents can be uploaded to PaperCut, from TAMHSC computers or mobile devices, where they are securely stored on the print server for up to two hours. This allows users to submit a print-job from anywhere (even from home), and then retrieve the documents from any printer In the RCOP at their convenience.

Printing with PaperCut requires two steps: Document Uploading and Print-Job Retrieving.

Step 1: Uploading Documents

Documents can be uploaded to the PaperCut server in two ways:

A: Via a TAMHSC computer:

1: In the document program, select File > Print > Printer = Secure Print on PaperCut.
2: Set your desired document and printer settings.
3: Finalize the print-job by selecting Print.
4: The document is now uploaded to the server. See STEP 2: Print-Job Retrieval.

• The default color mode for most programs is black & white. In the program's print dialog, select Printer Properties to set the color mode between B/W and Color.

• Most web browser PDF viewers do not allow for multi-slide printing on one page. To enable this option, download the PDF, open it in Acrobat Viewer, and in the print dialog select Multiple, then set your print options.

B: Via a mobile device:

1: In your web browser, visit
2: Login with your TAMHSC ID.
3: The default view, Jobs Pending Release, displays documents you have already uploaded to the server.
4: To upload a new document, from the site menu, select "Web Print".
5: Select "Submit a Job".
6: Select a virtual printer from the list, based on your print option preferences. Virtual printers are not physical printers, they simply act as option platform for preferences such as color, duplex, or multi-panel printing.
7: Select "Print Options & Account Selection".
8: Select "Upload from Computer" to prepare your documents, then select "Upload & Complete".
9: The document is now uploaded to the server, and you should see a display with the document status as "In a Queue". See STEP 2: Print-Job Retrieval.

• Occasionally, documents may become stalled in the server during the upload process. These documents may need to be re-uploaded to clear the stall.


STEP 2: Print-Job Retrieval

Once documents have been uploaded to the PaperCut server, they are ready to be released to the printer of your choice as print-jobs in two ways: 

A: From the printer:

1: Go to the printer you want to release your print-job to.
2: From the Home screen, select the PaperCut icon.
3: Enter your TAMHSC ID, or your UIN number.
4: Once you have successfully logged in, you will see a list of documents under your account that have been uploaded to the Papercut server. Select the document you want to submit as a print-job to this printer, then select "Print" to queue the document. Or, to queue multiple print jobs, select "Print All".

B: From the PaperCut online interface:

1: In your web browser, visit
2: Login with your TAMHSC ID.
3: The default view, Jobs Pending Release, displays documents you have already uploaded to the server.
4: To prepare documents for print-jobs, select "Release All".
5: Next to each document, the Action status should read "Print" and "Cancel".
6: To cancel a document, select "Cancel". The document will then disappear when the page refreshes.
7: To submit a document as a print-job, select "Print".
8: A list of printers will be displayed. Select the desired printer based on your location.
9: The document will then be released from the server as a print-job to that specific printer, and the document will disappear from the Jobs Pending Release queue.

• Print-jobs may not print automatically. They are queued to the printer, and must download to the printer from the server. There may be other print-jobs in the queue ahead of yours.

• If you do not have enough credits to release the print-job, and alert will notify you on the PaperCut online interface after you select a printer location. Credits can be added to your account at the Business Office.