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School Visitors

classroom with students and instructor

School Visitors


Texas A&M University Libraries welcomes the opportunity to work with local schools. Understanding the libraries' role in academic research is an important step in the transition from high school to university life. High school teachers are encouraged to contact the Libraries to investigate possibilities for research skills instruction

Program Details

Instruction Sessions

Library staff facilitate a 2-3 hour hands-on research skills instruction sessions for your research assignment.

Library Tours

The Libraries are unable to provide tours at this time. Please check back later.


Visitor Logistics

Logistics information includes parking, computer access, and library privileges.


Texas A&M University Youth Supervision Requirements

While on the A&M campus, chaperones must adhere to guidelines established by University Youth Programs for active supervision and supervision ratios.   University Rule  24.01.06.M1 defines supervision as follows:

A participant is supervised when they are within sight, except for infrequent momentary periods, and remain within reasonable hearing distance of a program staff member who is trained to report inappropriate or dangerous activities or behavior, and is aware of the obligation to report.

Students Ages Number of Students
9 - 14 years 1 teacher for every 10 students
15 - 18 years 1 teacher for every 12 students