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AI-Based Literature Review Tools

Plugins/Extensions for AI-powered Searches and Applications

This page serves solely for informational purposes. Be mindful of their potential effects on user privacy and security.

Consensus Search Plugin within ChatGPT.

ChatGPT for Google - Chrome Extension

  • Displaying ChatGPT responses alongside with Google search results. 

  • Set up: Google Chrome > Settings > Extensions > Manage Extensions > Enable "ChatGPT for Google"

    Example - How to identify gaps in literature review?

    In addition to Google's results, ChatGPT exhibits a 14-point advice on recognizing research gaps in literature review.

Google Scholar Button + Google + ChatGPT

  • Google search results alongside with Google Scholar academic findings and ChatGPT responses.
  • Go to Chrome Web Store to get Google Scholar Button and then use the pin icon to add it.
  • This combo search may be useful for exploring and brainstorming research topics.

    Example: Physical education instructors performance

YouTube Summary with ChatGPT

  •  Use this Chrome extension to summarize YouTube videos and get the transcripts.

    Example: How to search with Boolean operators?