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East and Southeast Asian Studies

Selected Resources

Modern Chinese Literature and Culture (MCLC) Resource Center
MCLC is the online face of the print journal Modern Chinese Literature and Culture. It publishes online articles, and book reviews and sponsors the MCLC LIST. It also houses bibliographies of mostly English-language materials on modern and contemporary Chinese literature, film/media, visual arts, music, education, and culture. An image archive is comprised mostly of images originally published with essays in issues of the print journal.

Henry Tin Chin Loo Chinese Literature Collection, 1920-1970 | Cushing Library
There are approximately 122 copies of Chinese language paperback books. Each title, due to it's fragile nature and Chinese language, has been placed in a four flap customized box for those titles not cataloged. Each titles has a color copy of the title page on top for ease of accessibility.   Arrangement: Cataloged by title and author; the TAMU Library's online catalog has each English language and Chinese characters in the record. Each cataloged titles has a note attached: “The Cushing Library/Area Studies/Asian copy was acquired as part of the Henry Tin Chi Loo Collection, donated by his grandniece Mary Yee.” The collection can be searched in the Advanced mode using that note.