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Race and Ethnic Studies and Relations

Electronic and Historical Newspapers

Alternative Press Index (1991+) and Alternative Press Index Archive (1969-1990): Indexes (no full text) to alternative, left-wing, and radical newspapers and magazines. There are also many alternative press papers in the microfilm collections.

America's Historical Newspapers:  This database reproduces and indexes over 700 U.S. newspapers covering 1690 to 1922, with a special emphasis on Texas and other states west of the Mississippi River.

Anglo African-Reported extensively on the Civil War and the emancipation efforts. But Anglo-African articles also covered the breadth of African-American life, with a focus on political issues relevant to black Americans, presented by black writer and activists like Frances Ellen Watkins Harper, the Rev. James W.C. Pennington, and Martin Delany. (available in print or microfilm)

Christian Recorder-a national weekly newspaper published by the African Methodist Episcopal Church, based in Philadelphia, but with correspondents across the country. (available in the database Accessible Archives, in print or microfilm)

Chronicling America: This online resource made available by the Library of Congress provides full pdf scans from historic American newspapers published between 1860 and 1922.

Dallas Morning News (1885-1977):  This is a large Texas newspaper available through America's Historical Newspapers database.



Historical Newspaper Portals : US and Foreign Countries

Historical Newspapers by State

Following is an alphabetical list (by state) that contain more than one paper. If you are searching for specific state and local historical papers, the University of Pennsylvania has an excellent research guide.