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Patents and Trademarks

Steps to Apply for a Trademark Using TEAS

The following steps from the TEAS Tutorial page should be taken to successfully apply for a trademark.

  1. Choose Your Mark and Goods/Services
    1. Use the ID Manual to identify Goods/Services
  2. Search the USPTO Database
    1. Use TESS to determine whether a confusingly similar mark is already registered.  For more, see the Trademark Searching section of this guide.
  3. Check Status to Avoid Potential Conflicts
    1. Based on search results, check the status of any potentially conflicting application or registration through the TSDR (Trademark Status and Document Retrieval) System.
  4. Create JPG Image (for stylized wording or design marks only)
    1. If filing based on actual use in commerce, create a JPG or PDF image file of the "specimen" in use, such as a tag or label for goods or an advertisement for services.
  5. Review Application Fees
    1. TEAS Application Filing Options - This site covers TEAS Plus, TEAS RF (Reduced Fee), and TEAS Regular.  View the different fees for each as well as associated requirements.
  6. Filing Online
    1. TEAS main site - This is where you will go to file your application online.
    2. TEAS Nuts and Bolts Videos - How-to video series that provides information about each page of the TEAS application form.
  7. Completing Application
  8. Track Application Status
    1. Follow the status of the prosecution of the application through the TSDR system.