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Policy for ordering standards

This policy is for standards ordered from the Libraries.


Standards requests will be filled if:
  • The requestor is affiliated with TAMU College Station, Galveston, or Qatar. 
  • The standard is required for instruction or research (unfunded research). 
  • In the case where the standard is required for a course, the print version of the standard will be ordered and placed in Course Reserves.
  • The standard will be added to the library collection. Then the requestor will check out the standard. All standards will be subject to recalls.
  • In the case where the standard(s) is needed for research, the TAMU/TAMUG/TAMUQ professor, researcher, or graduate student must request the standard.  External co-researchers' requests will not be filled.

Additional Information: 

  • Only one copy of a standard will be ordered per person, class, or lab. 
  • Professors and researchers are expected to use their grant money to pay for their standards before they request standards from the TAMU Libraries. 
  • Undergraduate requests will be handled on a case-by-case basis.  Requests to support senior projects will generally be approved. 
  • Whenever possible, print versions of standards will be ordered vs. electronic
  • In general, orders for draft, canceled, superseded, and non-English standards will not be filled. The requestor will be contacted to verify the order.

Placing an order

Beginning August 9, 2021 - Accepting standard requests

  • Go to Techstreet to access the ordering platform
    • Create an account with your TAMU email address
  • Search for the standard
    • Click on the link that says: View Unsubscribed Results
    • Select the desired standard for Printed Edition, pdf requests will be rejected due to copyright issues
    • Use the University Libraries' address on screen - this is important so it comes to the library first
  • You will be kept updated on the status of the request
  • Once the standards are received and cataloged, you will be notified by our AskUs department for pickup
  • Standards will checkout for the typical period. They will also be liable to recall.