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Boolean Operators

AND Include terms both before and after the "AND" (limiter)
OR Include either the terms before or after the "OR" (expander)
* Truncates the string (comp* will get 'comps' or 'computer', for example)
"abc xyz" Searches for the full string inside the quotes exactly as typed (frequently used for multiple-word phrases such as "internet of things")
NOT Excludes the word after the "NOT" (be careful - this can backfire as it will exclude any article with this word anywhere in the fields searched)
Learn More There are a lot more Boolean operators. Not all are supported by every database (and some have their own syntax), so check your database's "Search tips", "Help" or "User Manual".



This page is adapted, with permission, from the content on the University of Florida Engineering Education LibGuide by Amy Buhler


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