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What is New RefWorks?


There are now two versions of RefWorks available to Texas A&M patrons, New RefWorks and RefWorks Legacy (Old RefWorks). If you have been using the same account for some time now, you are probably using RefWorks Legacy (Old RefWorks); the login link is below and available through the RefWorks Legacy (Old RefWorks) menu option to the left. Additional information concerning Legacy RefWorks (Old RefWorks) is also available through that menu option.

New RefWorks is the latest version of ProQuest RefWorks. It has all of the same features as the RefWorks Legacy (Old RefWorks) with some new ones included:

  • New interface
  • Drag and drop citation capability
  • Enhanced sharing features
  • Read and take notes on pdfs through the RefWorks interface

One big difference between New and Legacy is that you will only have one account in New. You will be able to maintain and add to your Legacy accounts as well as to your New account. You will also be able to transfer records from your Legacy account to your New account.

Login to New RefWorks at

If you need to login to RefWorks Legacy (Old RefWorks):

Never fear! You still have access to your old RefWorks account under the RefWorks Legacy (Old RefWorks) tab.

RefWorks Tutorials

New RefWorks Youtube video channel

Legacy RefWorks Youtube video channel


RefWorks 101 workshops:

This 50-minute class will introduce the basics of this online tool for collecting, citing, and sharing sources, and managing pdfs (journals, books, and more).

 September 4, Wednesday,  (noon - 1pm) Online Register

    September 6, Friday, (2 - 3 pm) MSL Education Center Register

    September 9, Monday, (1 -2 pm) online Register

    September 13, Friday, (11 am-noon) Annex 405B Register


Transfer Records from Legacy or Mendeley to New RefWorks

It is a simple procedure to transfer your Legacy RefWorks or Mendeley records into New RefWorks:

  1. Open your New RefWorks account
  2. Click on the "Add Records " icon (the "plus" sign in the tool bar)
  3. Click "Import Records"
  4. Click "RefWorks" or "Mendeley"
  5. Click "Authorize"
  6. Login into your Legacy RefWorks or Mendeley account to transfer