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Add Citations

Within RefWorks you have three options for adding references. Click on the plus sign on the tabbed menu at the top to do one of the following:

  1. Upload document
    • If you have an existing document (i.e., PDF), click on this option to open up a file selector box and select the item to upload it to RefWorks; you can upload multiple documents at a time using the Control (PCs) or Command (Mac) key
    • You can also drag and drop PDFs from your computer into RefWorks; when you drag a selected PDF to the program a large blue circle will appear to direct you where to drop the file
    • Be aware - RefWorks will fill in all available metadata (title, authors, year, etc.), but references may be incomplete if the metadata isn't available; be sure to double-check your references
  2. Import references
    • Click on this option to directly import files from RefWorks and Mendeley
    • You can also either drag and drop or upload reference files downloaded from databases; RefWorks supports multiple file formats
  3. Manually create a new reference
    • Click on this option and a form will pop up that will allow you to input reference information

Add PDFs to Already Imported References

To add a PDF to an already existing reference in your RefWorks library:

  • Click on the reference to open the reference editor
  • Click on the edit icon (little pencil) in the upper-right-hand corner
  • Drag the PDF to the reference editor OR click on the link to pull up the file selector box and upload the PDF

Check for Duplicates

When you import references you can check to make sure you aren't importing duplicates.

  • On the tabbed menu at the top of the page, click on the three vertical dots
  • Click "Find Duplicates"
    • Select between searching for duplicates in your entire RefWorks library OR just the current folder you are in
    • Choose between a Strict Match (titles, authors, and publication dates must match exactly to trigger a duplicate alert) or Fuzzy Match (if data between titles, authors, and publication dates are similar a duplicate alert will be triggered)
  • A list of any duplicates will display
  • Select any references that you would like to delete and click on the trash can icon on the tabbed menu at the top of the page