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Research Guides


General Interest

Electronic Resources Available from the Library

If you do not see a textbook title listed here, check the Medical Sciences Library Catalog to find it in print.


Foundations of Medicine (FOM I)

Medical Gross Anatomy (MGA)

Foundations of Medicine II (FOM II)


Introduction to Disease

Practice of Medicine 1 (PoM 1) and Practice of Medicine 2 (PoM 2)

Organ Block Essentials (used across all Organ System Blocks)



Hematology / Oncology

Renal / Genitourinary

Metabolism / Gastrointestinal / Nutrition / Renal / Genitourinary

Endocrinology / Reproductive Science, Human Sexuality

Integument / Musculoskeletal

Practice of Medicine 3 (PoM 3)

Evidence-Based Medicine, Scholarship and Research (EBMSR)

Medical Spanish / Other



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